Membership Committee

Frank Foote, co-chair

The primary responsibility of this committee is to build a robust, diverse and active membership. Members of the committee engage new and existing members with the organization.

Program Development Committee

In order to identify topics of discussion for the monthly meetings that are important and relevant to the residents of James Island and Folly Beach. The Program Development Committee invites guests to share their expertise in specific subject areas relevant to the diverse populations of the islands.

Election and Education Committee

Michael Glawson, chair

The Election and Education Committee coordinates canvassing, phone banks, GOTV (get out the vote) and other activities as needed.

The committee also educates candidates and local officials on priority issues that impact James Island and Folly Beach.

Communications Committee

Marcia White, chair

The Communications Committee increases the general visibility of the organization. Members maintain the website, develop print materials for community outreach, maintain social media accounts of the organization and keep members up-to-date on news, issues and matters of concern to the local communities.