The officers for 2021 are:

Ronald Ladson

Ladson is a native of James Island. He spent 25 years in the military and majored in political science in college. He has been a high school football coach, youth mentor, community leader and member of “The Blazing” First Baptist Church of James Island.

He also has been involved in politics on the local level, having been a candidate for a seat on the James Island PSD Commission.

Libby Paul
vice president

Libby has worked in international, public and private schools for more than 30 years. She has taught elementary to high school students – including at James Island Charter High School. Having conducted teacher-training workshops in Zimbabwe, Thailand, India, Japan and Nepal, she brings a global perspective to everything she does.

For the past year, Libby has been a member of the executive board of James Island/Folly Beach Democrats.

Barbara Costa

Although Barbara is a New Jersey native, she has lived in South Carolina for most of her life. She spent many years in the Upstate where she taught elementary school. She also worked for an educational company and took students on a number of international trips to Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Eventually Barbara moved to Charleston where she threw herself into volunteer work – including with James Island/Folly Beach Democrats.

Cyd Davis

Davis began her career as an actuarial trainee with a Fortune 500 company. She became an officer with 34 years of service with the same company in various actuarial, underwriting and financial positions.

She and her husband moved to Charleston from Chattanooga, Tenn., in 2016.